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Licence Checking Software

As an employer, irrespective of corporate size or vehicle ownership it continues to be the responsibility of the business and its staff to remain legally compliant at all times. Your company carry a duty of care to others and this can not be ignored. One way of achieving this is to ensure your drivers have a valid driving licence with the correct driving licence entitlements to drive company vehicles.

Below you will find a Road Risk Manager's driving licence check solution which is available to all fleet types that operate Cars, Vans through to HGV and Bus driver checks. We also have a solution for the Grey Fleet driver's 

The Road Traffic Act 1988 makes it a criminal offence under Section 87(2) for an employer to ‘cause or permit another person to drive on the road a motor vehicle, otherwise than in accordance with a driver's licence authorising that another person to drive’ This offence is punishable by a fine, furthermore, this means the company Director and Board members and senior managers can be held fully accountable in the event road a fatality is an employee is found to be responsible.

These obligations are placed on employers by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated regulations. Employers must ensure that reasonable steps are taken to protect the health and safety of employees whilst they are at work. This obligation extends to the provision and/or use of equipment used for work which must be safe and suitable for the purpose, it is vital that employees are trained in the use of that equipment.

The substantive increase in the maximum levels of fine that can be imposed by the court means that breaches of the legislation will prove particularly damaging to both the finances and reputation of any offending organisation.

Licence types we regularly check

Our services are so robust they constantly keep you fully up to date with the driving licence compliance requirements. This allows you to remain in control of consistently managing your driver's licence be it;

  • Automated scheduled checks against UK driving licences issued by the UK DVLA
  • Checks and validation on Professional HGV, LGV, Bus and Coach drivers DQC, CPC & Tachograph cards 
  • Checks on UK drivers operating on a foreign driving licence from the EU, EEA, Worldwide
  • Checks on driving licences for Northern Irish driving licence holders
  • Check a licence on the fly using our Mobile App for managers
  • Validate any worldwide driving licence using a driving licence card reader

How and why do we do it better and faster than anyone else

We operate a 24/7/365 service online using the powerful Azure cloud platform and services

  • Real-time visibility of all driver's driving licence checks in less than 10 seconds (eApproval service)

  • Choice of Approval methods to suit you and your drivers
    • eApproval - Invite your driver to give approval online (most popular 90% paperless are done this way)
    • Online Approval using a D906 form
    • Do it with our revolutionary system 'OnSite' driver present
    • For Managers - Check a licence using our Mobile App - Scan the licence out of the office 'live'
    • completion Confirmation of all automated rechecks completed 24/7
  • Entire exposure to the entire driving licence record and status
  • No need to keep checking, we will inform you if the driver risk changes and an increased risk applies
  • Full PDF record per check if required within minutes of the check taking place
  • Up-to-date change reports of driving offences by your drivers 
  • Driver name(s) and address mismatches notification
  • System Alerts and Notifications on screen and by email
  • Full dashboard information and defined easy-to-understand data tools
  • Full management reporting at your fingertips
  • GDPR controls and record archive

Partners & Developers

  • Full API solution available on request with swagger UI for developers

Our services are fully GDPR compliant and supported by a secure SSL certification. All services are monitored by a system of data security and information management which operates to ISO27001:2013 standards.